2023 Foals
KCS Celestial Stardust - Section A Welsh
KCS Sonata - Section A Welsh
KCS Leap of Faith - Partbred Welsh
KCS Jellybean - PtHA
Duncan Comes Running
KCS Equisitely Dun - Section A Welsh
KCS Glee - Half Welsh
KCS Mystic Melody - PtHA
KCS Juniper - IQPA
Patefur Cashmere - Section A Welsh
Lazy K Just One More
Amy Farrah Fowler - Section A Welsh
KCS The Navigator
               Section A Welsh - Silver Dunalino

The following mares are bred to "Gator" for a possible 2023 foal
KCS Kachina Dancer - Half Welsh
Section A Welsh - Buckskin Splash

The following mares are exposed to Duncan for a possible 2023 foal.
KCS Tiger Lilly - Section A Welsh
      Section A Welsh

The following mare is exposed for a possible 2023 foal
KCS Scarlet
Dunskin Spalsh Colt
Chestnut Tobiano Colt
Dunalino Filly
KCS Astronaut in the Ocean
Buckskin? Tobiano Colt
Dunalino Colt
Bay Tobiano Colt
Palomino Colt
Chestnut Colt
chestnut overo filly
Silver Dunskin? Colt
Buckskin Filly
KCS Santana
KCS Here Comes The Boom
KCS Sequoia
Buckskin?? Colt
Palomino filly
KCS Quantum Leap
KCS Silver Dollar
KCS The Conductor
KCS Bernadette
KCS Zinnia
KCS Some Bunny Dun It
KCS Just Do It
KCS Party Time
KCS The Voyager