Cheg Kims Champagne Doll
Cheg Kims Champagne Doll
Echo's Mr Impressive SR
Chegs Jim Dandy Rain Dancer
Diablos Echo of Arenosa
Cameo Crescent Lou Ed
Chips Casey VB
Wa-Full Jims Feather Pillow
Kewpie Dolls Diablo
Kewpies Dulcina of Arenosa
HV King of All
Caprice of Lou Ed
AAA Blue Chip
Oles Judy VB
Golden Boys Captain Jims H.
Wa-Full Prince Feather Babe
02 foal     Midnight Starflower
03 foal      KCS Ghost Dancer
Bred to Bar G's Fashionable Lady's Esquire for an 04 foal.
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Palomino Tovero