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Section A Mares
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KCS ??
This colt is was foaled 4-24-22 and is out of KCS Chardonney by KCS Kattywampus.  He will be registered as a Quarter Pony and should mature around 13 - 13.2 hands tall and is a bay tovero.  


Tuck is a two year old Aberdeen Angus / Belted Galloway cross.  He is easy to be around and will eat cubes out of your hand and let you pet him on the head.  Both of his parents were registered and his dam was tiny.  Tuck is small, probably mid size miniature size, he has not been measured as he won't let you touch him from the side.  I bought him as a yearling and have one calf on the ground from him, I sold one of my cows (only had two) and don't really need a bull for just one cow.