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We may be interested in trading for Hay, round pen panels or a gentle well broke mare in the 13.2 - 14 hand range. 

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Section A Mares
KCS Kalypso
Beautiful bay roan broodmare, daughter of Friars Sooty.  So So is gentle and easy to handle, breeds easily, protective of her foals for the first few days after foaling.  Kalypso foaled a bay with blanket POA/Half Welsh colt that can be offered with her.  She sell exposed to Wile E Coyote a Section A Welsh buckskin for a possible 2018 foal.

If you are interested in something that is not listed on the sale page, let me know.
KCS La Vie Boheme
Bay Tobiano Reg. Pinto Pony and Quarter Pony. She is also eligible for Partbred Welsh registration. Large pony filly that should mature around 13 - 14 hands tall.  She is gentle and easy to handle.  Her sire is a Reg. Quarter Horse and Dam is Reg. Half Welsh.

Bunns Bifrost Traveller

Section A Chestnut mare that carries the Silver gene.  She has had two foals both of which carries the silver gene.  She sells exposed to a Section A Welsh buckskin stallion for a purebred foal next year. 
This mare was not handled for the first several years of her life and therefore is not a people pony.  She is not a mare for the inexperienced, not a mean bone in her body but requires someone that knows how to handle horses.  She will not be caught in the pasture but will come in the barn and can be caught in a stall with patience.  Getting better every time but you have to go slow, no rushing this mare or she will climb out of the stall.  She is halter broke, easy to worm, ok with you handling her foals after a few days.  I'm probably making her sound worse than she is but I don't want her going to the wrong home.
She will be available after her 2018 foal is weaned.

Bay Filly

Reg.  Half Welsh pending and eligible for POA - Beautiful filly, she carries a LP gene for appy but doesn't show any characteristics yet but should develop some over time.  She should mature around 12 hands.


KCS A Bit O Spice
Reg. Half Welsh dun tobiano broodmare.  She is very gentle and would make a nice kid pony.  Bitsy has a red dun half POA colt at her side and he can sell with her.  She sells exposed to a Reg. Pinto Pony stallion for a possible 2019 foal that will be eligible for Pinto and Partbred Welsh registration.

KCS Mars Bar

Bay with frosting, eligible for POA and Half Welsh registration.  Nice gentle colt, fancy with a dishy face.  HIs rump will spot out at the very least, he was showing faint spots through his coat before he got his winter hair.

KCS Bubbles

Reg Half Welsh and eligible for POA registration.  Bubbles is very gentle, she carries the silver gene and is a silver dapple with huge blanket that will probably spot out to look like a leopard in time. 

Reg. Pinto
KCS Harmony

Nice loud colored chestnut tobiano.  She is registered with PtHA and is eligible for Partbred Welsh registration.  Harmony stands about 12.3 - 13.0 hands tall and sells exposed to KCS Rhock E Rhoad for a possible 2019 foal, she does look like she is bred.