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Section A Mares
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I have gotten a few cows over the last few years and need to sell a couple. 

1.  Tillie - a 3 year old British White Cross smaller cow but not a miniature.  She is very gentle, I can pet all over her, she will follow you anywhere if you have food, she's a sweetheart.  I have a smaller heifer from her that I am keeping, she's been exposed to my small bull but he's young and small and can't quite manage to breed a cow her size so she sells open unless he has managed to figure it out in the last few weeks.

2. Toby - Born 3-20-21 - I got Toby from a friend when I was looking for a bull prospect.  He is 1/2 British white 1/4 Dexter, 1/4 Jersey.  Later I found a yearling bull that I bought but still ended up with this guy.  I have debated on keeping him but I don't need two bulls when I only have two cows.  Toby is very sweet and like Tillie I can pet all over him and he will follow you anywhere if you have food.  I think he will be a large or mid size miniature.

Both are sweet, they are a little leary of people they don't know but once they know you will be easy.

Tillie - 1000.00
Toby - 650.00
As a pair - 1500.00