Dandardel Janel's Warbonnet
Section A  Purebred  but Registered 1/2 Welsh
           due to excessive white
Dandardel Janel's Warbonnet
Farnley Kernel
Dandardel Janel Heula
Farnley Pellinore
Farnley Ceres
Farnley Sea Urchin
Crilban Heula's Flame
Farnley Sunglass
Farnley Fay
Farnley Conqueror
Farnley Sunshower
Farnley Nautilus
Farnley Monica
Crilban Master Shot
Grand Masters Heula
This stallion belongs to Ronald Ellison of Winnsboro, TX, click   HERE   to see more of his  purebred spotted Welsh ponies.  They can only be registered as 1/2 Welsh due to excessive white.

Purebred Registration Pending due to new rule change