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Half and Partbred Welsh Fillies
Section A Welsh
KCS Pansi
Chestnut Roan with Silver
KCS Aurora
Dunalino Roan
KCS Onyx
Smokey Black Roan
KCS Leap O Faith
Buckskin Roan Tobiano
KCS Equisitely Dun
Red Dun Roan (Homozygous Dun)
Pinto Fillies
KCS Pebbles
Bay Overo
Section A Welsh Colts
Duncan Comes Running
Buckskin Splash Colt
(Probably a Name Change in his future)
KCS Mimzi
Red Dun Roan with Silver
KCS Amber Moon
Amber Champagne Tobiano
KCS Aspen
Grulla Roan Overo
KCS Savannah Kat
Dunalino Roan
KCS Augustus
Dunskin Roan - homozygous black and dun
Pinto Colt
KCS Maestro
Brown Tobiano