KCS Painted Sky
  Foaled 4-19-05
Black Tobiano Filly
KCS Painted Sky
JF Apollo Skyflight
Masters Painted Cherokee Jean
Rio Skyflight
Norsks Lucky Blues
Jordache I
Rion Starflight
Black Lightening Thor
Blue Daisy
J-J's Painted Warchant Kid
J-J's Painted Jean
Kid Lee
Winks Showdeo War Chant
Lee-Land Chile
Painted Princess of Woodlo
Sky's half sister SS Whisper of Gold is the
2007 Pinto Pony Reserve World Champion
2008 Foal by Cherubs Hy-Mn - KCS Lightening Stryke
2009 Foal by The Promise Sunday Sermon - KCS Joker