Heavenly Jacob
Section A Welsh
Heavenly Jacob
Friarly Benjamin
Snow Pony Sparkles
Menai Smartie
Friars Bramble
Betws Auryn
Findeln Onyx
Twyford Marchog
Menai Sylvia
Caeronnen Dafydd
Friars Springtime
Coed Coch Madog
Criban Golden Spray
Findeln Sand Dollar
Catherston Sapphire
               2006 Foals:

Jacob is registered as a Section A Welsh and Pinto Pony, with the Pinto Horse Association.  Foals by Jacob are eligible for registration with both registries as full/half Welsh or Pinto Pony.  Jacob stands 12 hands tall and has excellent conformation and temperment.  He was shown one time as a yearling and was reserve champion in his division.  His sire Friarly Benjamin was imported from Wales and was ranked third in the Nation in 2004.

Jacob has produced some lovely foals.  He was gelded June 14, 2008 and will be started under saddle very soon.
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    2632 F.M. 1903
Caddo Mills, TX 75135


KCS Merlins Magic
KCS Trixie
KCS Sparkles and Spice
KCS Toy Story
2007 Foals:
KCS Spirited Sprite
KCS Red Ranger
Party of Two
KCS Kai-Anne Pepper
2008 Foals:
KCS Sparkle N Sapphire

KCS Jack Frost

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