KCS Toy Story
  Foaled May 18, 2006
   Section A Welsh
KCS Toy Story
Heavenly Jacob
The Promise Storytime
*Friarly Benjamin
Snow Pony Sparkles
Dandardel Janel Warbonnet
Dandardel Storybook
Menai Smartie
Friars Bramble
Betws Auryn
Findlen Onyx
Rowfantina Goldcrest
Dandardel Janel Heula
Menai Silver Buck
Dandardel Sherri
Toy has been turned out since weaning last year.  This is the first time he was saddled, lounged or handled by my daughter, he did awesome.  He's just a baby and not ready to be turned loose with the kids but should make a great little kid pony when he's old enough.